Close-up performance

An intimate magic and mentalism show done while strolling around the location

A Close-up performance is a dynamic and intimate show performed in front of small groups of people. The artist is strolling around your guests, revealing them the best of his variable, surprising magic. The great strength of this performance is in the special intimacy generated from witnessing the magic from zero distance. The guests are mind-blown and quickly get carried away creating hype and effecting the other guests which get curious and line-up excited waiting for their turns.
The program is based on magic sequences generated specially for the unique dynamics of the mingling atmosphere. This kind of magic is called “close-up magic”. It is uniquely designed for platforms such as receptions, mingling parties, events with walking-around areas and generally any space with a dynamic flow of people.


How does it work?
The artist strolls around and demonstrates his captivating Close-up Magic to small groups of guests. As WOW’s fly in the air, other excited guests approach the artist asking for a repetition. The artist repeats this cycle and keeps on intimately demonstrating his magic show during the time-frame and along the location set in advance.

מופע קסמים לבר/ת מצווה

What kind of events are suitable for this performance?
A Close-up performance will upgrade any reception and it will enrich any mingling area. Weddings, Bar-mitzvah’s, anniversary’s, birthday’s, conferences, corporate events, parties and basically any event aimed to create a singular, rich and special entertainment and leisure experience.

What age group is the Close-up performance suitable for?
Yohan’s magic is suitable for everyone, both youth and adults.

Why choose a mentalism performance?
We are entering the third decade of the 21st century. Modern day entertainment has become repetitive and outdated. Nowadays, to have a successful, talked about event, your program must be unique, fresh and original. An event that will stand out from the rest with its rare entertaining program, is set to captivate your guests for long time. In Israel, the magic and mentalism genre are just starting to gain momentum, giving you the perfect opportunity to make your event and extraordinary one. Mentalism is where entertainment and intellectual stimulation meet, involving the participant and awakening him. With this opportunity, you create a once-in-a-lifetime, memorable experience for your guests who will continue talking about the event long after it’s over.

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