Stage Act

An unforgettable show suited for groups of 50 people and more.

Yohan’s stage act is a grand impressive show suited for groups of fifty people and more. The program is based on a well-established repertoire full of mind-blowing acts designed to excite and leave a remarkable impression upon every sort of group or crowd. The program contains methods of telepathy, mind-reading, classical magic and other elements from the worlds of psychology, optical illusions, body language, cognitive gaps and more. The live act draws excitement, laughter, curiosity and full crowd engagement regardless of gender, age or cultural differences. Yohan’s stage act is vigorous, energetic and pumped with live energy. It contains unique and professional interpretations to classical magic sequences combined with utterly new mentalism and magic numbers created by Yohan. Even if you’re veteran magic enthusiasts, this is one show you hadn’t seen yet.

Yohan is a young aspiring mentalist that has captivated thousands of people with his dazzling magic since the dawn of his youth. holding an impressive rich resume that includes performances upon the biggest stages in Israel. From intimate one-on-one close-up magic to mega stages in front of thousands of people. In his breathtaking shows he demonstrates his unique magic which he had sharpened and embellished over the years. Yohan’s programs are based on his constant communication with the audience. He invites his guests to the stage constantly. Everyone who wishes to participate gets their chance. Therefore, the guests fill an important role in the development of the show and the unique atmosphere that is generated in every performance. Thanks to his high sensitivity and intelligence, Yohan succeeds to fit himself to every crowd. Each performance is one-of-a-kind.

How does it work?
The stage act is custom-tailored. The generation of a program for a stage act begins with getting to know you and your world. Yohan will draw all the necessary details: sort, purpose, crowd characteristics and so on. If you wish to convey a message to your crowd, Yohan will naturally blend it in the program. In addition, if there is a special guest in the crowd, Yohan can design a special number tailored personally for that individual.

What kind of events are suitable for this performance?
The stage act is a festive and impressive performance designed to the atmosphere of big stages and large crowds. Yohan’s dazzling content of modern magic and mentalism is fitted perfectly to the measurements of this kind of act. This allows full participation and engagement of the crowd which remains mind blown and pleased. The stage act will add to any kind of an event aimed towards richness and outstanding entertainment performance. Birthdays, conferences, festivals, corporate events, theme gatherings, staff parties and all sorts of social and public events.

What age group is the salon performance suitable for?
Yohan’s magic is suitable for everyone, both youth and adults.

Why choose a mentalism performance?
We are entering the third decade of the 21st century. Modern day entertainment has become repetitive and outdated. Nowadays, to have a successful, talked about event, your program must be unique, fresh and original. An event that will stand out from the rest with its rare entertaining program, is set to captivate your guests for long time. In Israel, the magic and mentalism genre are just starting to gain momentum, giving you the perfect opportunity to make your event and extraordinary one. Mentalism is where entertainment and intellectual stimulation meet, involving the participant and awakening him. With this opportunity, you create a once-in-a-lifetime, memorable experience for your guests who will continue talking about the event long after it’s over.

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